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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 4, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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president obama and the vice-president elect mike pence talking about repealing or replacing obamacare, we'll have both messages for you on cnn. i'm brook baldwin. jim chusciuto and the lead star right now. >> thank you, brook. did you say the president have faith in wikileaks more than his own spies? that starts now. trust the entire senate and the intel or side with julian assange? donald trump unloading on had i intelligence community again in russia's role in hacking. a battle building in six years, president obama heads to capitol hill to tell democrats to fight as the next administration says job one is to rip obamacare apart. plus the future of really, really fast on display at the consumer electronics show in vegas. the car that everyone is talking about, plus other gadgets that would make even super heros
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jealous. welcome to the lead. i'm jim. the growing divide between donald trump and the u.s. intelligence community. one official telling we are heading into a new era where it is, quote, hostile. he alleged u.s. officials may be kking the intel tweeting, intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange. exclamation point. sources tell ynn that the meeting was never he scheduled, in fact, for earlier this week and president obama who ordered the review, by the way, has yet to be briefed himself. this is we are now learning the confirmation hearings for trump's choice to lead the central intelligence agency. congressman mike will be held one week from today that is the same day the president-elect will hold his first news conference since last summer. justice correspondent pamela brown joins me now. so, dismay, confusion inside u.s. intelligence agent sniz >> all of that.
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the official we've spoken with, jim, say there is this growing sense of dismay in the wake of these tweets from donald trump. yesterday and today as one official told me you never want to strart off on the wrong foot with the new boss and this growing divide come as this friday for the first time donald trump will come face to face with the leaders of the intelligence agencies he's been challenging for months. tonight president-elect trump escalating his ongoing battle with the u.s. intelligence community tweeting just days before the high-profile briefing the "intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange." intelligence officials are pushing back, denying there was ever a delay in the briefing, and that it was always scheduled for friday. trump also siding with wikileaks founder julian assange, a man wanted by the u.s. for leaking
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classified information who in an interview with fox news denied russia had anything to do with handing over the stolen documents from the dnc and clinton campaign chairman john podesta. >> we have said, repeatedly over the last two months, that our source is not the russian government and it is not state party. >> trump tweeting, julian assange said a 14-year-old could perhaps poe ddesta. why is dnc so careless? also russia said did not give him the info. on the hill vice-president mike pence defended the president's skepticism. >> the president-elect has expressed his very sincere and healthy american skepticism about intelligence conclusions. but we're going to sit down later this week. >> u.s. officials tell cnn trump's continued public attacks are hurting moral in the intelligence community with one official saying it's a sad day when politicians put more stock
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in vladimir putin and julian assange over the americans who risk their lives providing objective nonpartisan intelligence analysis. cnn has learned trump has already been briefed by intelligence officials on the russian hacks. but that the comprehensive report due this week will provide a fuller picture of why the u.s. is putting the blame on russia. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the report, who have not yet been briefed on it, that they wait and see what it is that the intelligence community is putting forward before they make those judgments. >> and u.s. officials familiar with those briefings trump has had so far say that he is for the most part professional, def shal and polite. some say he listen at times, he has challenged and questioned information, but officials we've been talking to say there is a disconnect between trump's public behavior with those tweets against the intelligence community and behind the scenes when he's sitting across the table. >> how does the public receive those doubts from the president-elect as well. pamela brown, thanks very much.
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trump's apparent warming to julian assange seems diametrically opposed to his feelings about the wikileaks leader this just back in 2010. >> he's going to talk about wikileaks. you had nothing to do with wikileaks. you think it's disgraceful? >> he should get the death penalty or something. >> death penalty, you heard it right. sara marie is outside trump tower. to be clear, it is many republicans who have come out critical of russia, the hacking, wikileaks as well. >> reporter: that's right, jim. everyone in the republican party is not seeing eye to eye when it comes to this. we've seen a number of republican leaders today. senator tom cot ton, house speaker paul ryan, all aware of what julian assange is claiming and much more skeptical of russia's role in meddling. take a list tone what lyndsay graham had to say. >> this was done by the russians and i hope by friday president-elect trump will come
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to that relatialization and ign julian assange. condemn him, putting our soldiers at risk, foreign policy at risk. julian assange is no friend of america and no friend of democracy. >> you can see there, jim, even though the president-elect is out there questioning publicly the assessment from u.s. intelligence officials, not all republicans are falling into lockstep, in fact, trying to convince him to wait and see what the report says, maybe change his view on this issue. >> someone else who turned a 180 on julian assange is sara palin. tell us what she said. >> that's right. donald trump may not have a lot of allies in the republican party on this issue, but the big exception is sara palin. she took to facebook and she said to julian assange, i apologize. she went on to say this important information that finally opened people's eyes that democrat candidates and operatives would not have been
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exposed were it not for julian assange. this is a far cry from what sara palin had to say about assange in 2012. that's when wikileaks published a trove of u.s. classified documents. at that point her view of assange was much dimmer, an antiamerican operative with blood on his hands. jim? >> quite a turn around. thanks very much. joining me is the congressman out of illinois who preechld iously served in the house affairs committee. thank you for joining us today. set politics aside, even the election aside, julian assange, he leaked some of the america's most sensitive secrets. his stated goal, and i'm quoting from his own essays is to und undermines, secret conspiracy governments which he includes the united states. is the president-elect supporting assange disloyal to his own country? >> i think it is absolutely the wrong thing to do. let's keep in mind personally, he's wanted for sexual assault right now. that is an important thing.
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this is no nice guy. he's exposed american secrets, which we have a right to do as a country to intel gather and things along that line. and he's putting american operatives, american troops, american policy goals at risk. and, so, look, there's a lot of things with donald trump i'm excited to work with him on as a republican, but this is one area where i'm still having a hard time understanding why there is such a intense desire, i guess, to say that the system was never hacked or to say that the russians are actually not as bad as we think they are. >> you're a veteran. he released the personal details of u.s. soldiers in the field. >> yeah. >> a and now donald trump is embracing him. is that position by trump disloyal to the u.s.? >> well, that's a big thing to level, so, i'm not going to go there. but i think it is absolutely the wrong position. >> why isn't it disloyal if he has damaged the u.s. military, damaged intelligence assets in the field, put their lives at risk? i'm talking about julian assange
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here. he exposed cables of private diplomatic conversations. those are all damaging to the u.s. >> to go to a level of disloyal at this to say for donald trump to have tweeted about assange is a big step. now, i will say this. he's going to be briefed on friday watt information that the government has. i know some of that. i was briefed recently on that. and it's very compelling. so, hopefully after that briefing on friday, the president-elect says, look, you know, i was elected legitimately. i believe he was. but at the same time we have to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. and when you try to undermine the election system, that is undermining the constitution itself. and our oath that i took yesterday compels us to defend it. >> so what if donald trump doesn't change his tune? the fact is this is not just this week or even just this month. for months donald trump has questioned the assessment of the u.s. intelligence community which dates back, as you know, to a month before the election. >> yeah he. >> first of all, do you expect
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the president-elect to see something that's going to change his mind? and second of all, if he doesn't, what do republicans like yourself do? >> i certainly hope he does. if he does president then i think we're going to continue to be what we've been, which is to say we're going to defend the constitution. we're going to defend what's right. i've said, look, i intend to and i'm excited about supporting the president-elect in all areas i can. but i'll oppose where i must. this russia issue is one area we don't see eye to eye. >> you pass new sanctions? >> you look at new sanctions, things we can do in congress and the senate. you continue to speak out about it and you educate the american public as to what the russians have actually done. you look at ukraine and the dead bodies in ukraine as a result of russian intervention, the shoot down of an airliner by russian missiles, the death of many innocent syrians including syrian children because of the regime of russia and iran backing assad. so, you continue to be out there with this and let the american people know what the cost is here. >> if you pass sanctions against russia and president-elect
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vetoes them, do you override that veto? >> i certainly hope so. there is the support and the numbers in congress to continue to hold russia accountable to their behavior in the world. look, it's one thing to say we want to reach out and have a new relationship with russia. every administration has reached out and failed. there is nothing wrong with it. there is nothing wrong with challenging behind closed doors the intel agency and saying prove this to me. it is another thing entirely to say despite the intelligence information i'm going to go with assange. >> this is the president-elect who put intelligence in quotes in a tweet, right? >> right. >> a lot of this you can't pull back. it's out there and many of his supporters are embracing it. members of the american public, he's calling into doubt for the american population the integrity of u.s. intelligence. what happens when intelligence comes in and says, north korea can put a nuke on a missile or there is an imminent terror attack? >> yeah, that's the danger. the danger in undermining the institution of intelligence,
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right, there can be disagreements, it's an art, not a science and all that kind of stuff. but the danger in undermining it is when you need it and you go to the american people and say we have imminent reason north korea going to launch a nuke, we can do preimminent attacks, i thought you didn't trust intelligence, how do you know this? i'm excite today support the president-elect when i can. we're going to have a great domestic agenda but this is a concern and i'll continue to be outspoken on. >> you've heard president-elect trump constaptntly bring up the wmd. we heard john brennan say last night on pbs news hour that is not a fair comparison. do you believe that's not a fair comparison? >> yeah, i believe it's not fair. look, there were mistakes made in the intel gathering but our intel community took the best information they had including from other intelligence agencies and said there is reason there's wmd. saddam hussein got rid of them. that doesn't mean you throw the
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baby out with the bath watter and say we're no longer going to do intelligence gathering. when we don't agree with the conclusion we're simply not going to believe it. this is very dangerous. julian assange is a bad person with probably american blood on his hands and definitely the information he's put out there has made our country far less safe. >> congressman, thank you very much. look forward to having you on again. >> you bet. >> will donald trump change his mind about russia and julian assange when he is briefed on friday? we asked someone who has sat through many of those briefings and that's right after this. ut d not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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>> welcome back to the lead. great deal to talk about. let me palomino bring in my political panel. washington chief usa today susan page, white house correspondent for bloomberg, margaret national security commentator and former house chairman mike rogers. congressman rogers, if i could begin with you. julian assange has by all accounts been a danger to america, exposing secrets of u.s. intel assets, soldiers stationed abroad, diplomatic correspondents. by embracing him, is trump, in effect, endangering u.s. interests? >> listen, i think there is a maturation process you go through for somebody who has never been exposed to the national security portfolio of the united states and the sheer weight of it.
1:18 pm
this was to me a blunder. this was not something that he -- >> that's a fairly friendly interpretation. this is not isolated. beyond assange, he's been throwing the u.s. intelligence community under the bus for sometime. >> i understand that. i'm not sure how well briefed he is. somebody needs to march into his office and explain to him who julian assange is. by that tweet i don't think he knows. this person is wanted for rain of a minor. he is hiding in the basement of an embassy because he is a fugitive from justice, number one. number two, he has released information harmful to the united states that i do believe jeopardize soldiers in the field. this is no one you want to be associated with, no one you want to say has any credibility and the president of the united states or the president-elect should not give this individual credibility. this to me is very, very serious for the people who are out there risking their lives. >> you might have seen the previous segment. donald trump in 2010 said julian assange should face the death penalty for his revelations.
1:19 pm
what is your sense, susan, for what happens' happened ? >> i know he's blaming julian for the consistent intelligence officials with russian hacking. this has an impact on public regard for u.s. intelligence. this has a corrosive effect on belief in that institution and here's the most remarkable thing about the interview. you asked a republican congressman if the republican congress would vote to override a veto of a republican president if he vetoed russian sanctions and he suggested they would. what kind of breach is that within the gop before he is gnawing rated? >> no question. is this a battle donald trump wants with his own republican led house and senate over russian sanctions for election hacking? >> i don't think he's really thought about it in those terms yet. it seems to me that, number one, he's trying to set the ground rules and the pecking order between himself and the intelligen intelligence community, and number two he's still taking jabs at hillary clinton, president obama and the democratic party in this waning
1:20 pm
couple weeks before he takes office. bloomberg did an interview with james woolsey, the former cia director. this is just a minor blip. basically the intel guys otd to tough enit up, get thicker skin. this, too, shall pass. a lot of stuff happens, eyes on the prize, protecting america's interests. that is not the prevailing opinion, at least not the prevailing opinion we're hearing expounded by the intelligence community. >> i spoke to people who express dismay and confusion over this. mike rogers, you're chair of the house intelligence committee during dangerous times, when it was upped threat from terror attacks. progress in north korean nuclear weapons. what happens when donald trump has to go to the american public and say, the u.s. intelligence community says, i don't know, a north korean missile can threaten america today, or that there is an attack imminent on new york. why do they believe him if he's been trashing the intel community on russian hacking? >> again, i think there has to be a maturation process in this.
1:21 pm
he's going to need the cia and the cia is going to need him. it doesn't mean you agree with him all the time. it doesn't mean you push back all the time. doesn't mean you give the wire brush treatment sometimes. i arc yu they'll probably thrive on that a little bit to have that push back. there is always a dissenting voice that he can hear. when i was chairman, i always asked for the dissentsing voice to be the product or briefing because you want to come to the conclusion and see what kind of rustling they're doing with the pieces of information. intelligence should not ever be politicized, and i worry that if you start out by saying they're all wrong because it doesn't agree with my view of the world, you're going to get yourself in trouble. and, by the way, barack obama did this a few times along the way and got himself in trouble. my argument is, look at what they did, avoid that like the plague, and start going in and saying, listen, on january 20th you're my cia. here's the kinds of things i need, not what i need, but i need, you go out and collect it,
1:22 pm
give me your honest assessment about what that is, then i'll make a decision. you don't want this to be a big public fight from an agency that should not be heard of all that often. >> isn't a worry here that if the agencies come to him with intelligence that he doesn't find convenient, or that he just doesn't believe, that then he doesn't act on it? >> you asked the congressman what happens if he wants to make this case to the american people based on intelligence. what happens if american intelligence agencies come to him and he doesn't believe them and, therefore, pursues some different policies? and i guess we'll find out what happens. i think some people in the intelligence community and others worry also about a culture of respect for those who are serving our country. just like people in the armed forces, people in intelligence agencies put their lives at risk. follow careers that are often very difficult. how many of us have met people who only when they retire do we find out they have spent a lifetime working for an agency like the cia and that should
1:23 pm
warrant a certain respect even if you're going to disagree with some of their conclusions. >> one thing i should mention for the sake of the audience, accusations for julian assange are for sexual assault instead of just raining in legal term. not a minor, but certainly he is someone who has been under this cloud for sometime. i just wonder, is that an association, margaret, that donald trump wants going in? granted maybe by next week he'll have forgotten about it. but is that an association not only in term of the charges he's facing, but really the damage he's done to the u.s.? >> it's a really important question. when you look at donald trump's base which is sort of heart land voter, maybe southern u.s. voters, working class voters, on the one hand these are really patriotic people when you go to a donald trump rally. he says, what do you like better, made in the usa or made in america? everybody screams made in the usa. from that standpoint russia is not like -- russia or anti-u.s.
1:24 pm
person who may or may not be working in order to help russia, but who is leaking stuff, you wouldn't think that would be an association donald trump would want. on the other hand, are those voters really thinking about leaking documents. and the calculation is going to be -- maybe one of the calculations for trump may be for those voters that really important base for him, are they so disenfranchised with the u.s. establishment because of iraq intelligence, because of what have you, that they don't mind? >> right. mike rogers, final thought, you've spoken to a lot of presidents in difficult circumstances. what would you say to donald trump in a sentence or two to convince him to take this seriously, the threat of russian hacking? >> well, first of all, i think he needs to get the full brief. he needs to understand the kwom pleat picture of what russian activities are, not just in this case, but around the world. what kind of activities that russian intelligence -- >> you name it? >> europe, latin america, united states. there are more russian spies in the united states today than at
1:25 pm
the height of the cold war. they're playing this game for serious and for keeps. and they want to win. and they don't care about donald trump any nor than they cared about barack obama or hillary clinton. they don't care. their interests are russian interests, number one. and he shouldn't get entangled into this public fight. my recommendation to donald trump elect would be you won the race, put that behind you. you have serious national security issues facing the country, some like i've never seen before when you look at the threat matrix. they're big and they're serious. you're going to need all of your intelligence services, all 16 plus the dni, plus the military, working for your end, your end game. whatever that, you decide that is, they may not give you the picture that you want, but that's what leadership is. you're going to have to take that information and deal with it. listen, it's okay to push back on these intelligence reports and agencies and say, i want more or i don't think that's right, go back and get me more. that's all fair game. but they will be his
1:26 pm
intelligence agencies on january 21st, and if they're going to be effective, they need to know that when they're risking their life somewhere overseas that they have the president of the united states standing behind them. don't make -- maybe they don't like what he says or he doesn't like what they say, but he needs to understand that they are risking their life collecting small bits of information including people who are working for the united states that aren't u.s. citizens. >> and to protect the u.s. mike, susan, margaret, thanks very much. president obama, mike pence on the hill at the same time talking about obamacare. why the outgoing president is encouraging democrats take a page out of the tea party play book. then jurors hear from dylann roof for the first time as he tries to save his own life. what the charleston church killer said that made several victims' family members walk out of court.
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>> welcome back. the future of the health care law front and center on capitol hill today as a fired up president obama strategizes with democrats on how to save obamacare, or at least how to make republicans pay for trying to repeal it. while incoming vice-president mike pence hosts a meeting with his party to plan the tricky process of rolling back obamacare without angering the many voters who benefit from it. cnn white house court michelle joins me now. repealing the health care law has been one of republicans' goals the last few years but it bringsz danger. >> reporter: the white house saying they made those promises now they're going to have to live up to them and they alone will be held accountable for whatever they come up with. so, this is extraordinary. you have a president in his last days in office, his administration winding down, but
1:32 pm
now very much gearing up democrats for this fight in congress to save obamacare and, of course, his legacy. president obama on capitol hill today, urging democrats to battle with all they've got against republican plans to gut his signature law, obamacare. >> thank you. look out for the american people. >> reporter: democrats don't have the votes to block republicans so his message to avoid "rescuing them" helping them craft their replacement. >> the president asked us, are you ready? do you have the fight in you? he didn't need to ask us that question. >> reporter: he spurred democrats to use tactics like the tea party did in opposing obamacare, to go out to town halls, tell the stories of their million constituents who benefited from the plan as well as hold republicans accountable for what they come up with. the president saying democrats ought to start calling it trump care. >> they want to repeal it and
1:33 pm
then try to hang it on us. not going to happen. it's their responsibility, plain and simple. the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again and lead to chaos. >> reporter: at virtually the same time, republicans also girding for this epic fight led by vice-president elect mike pence, a meeting described by attend ease as a pep rally. >> the promises of obamacare have all been proven to be false. if you like your doctor, you can keep it. not true. if you like your health insurance, you can keep it. not true. this law has failed. americans are struggling. >> reporter: the president-elect also jumping into the debate in a series of tweets seeming to warn republicans not to work too closely with democrats. dems own the failed disaster. it will fall of its own weight.
1:34 pm
be careful. the white house today hammered republicans for not yet presenting a replacement plan and for their ideas so far projected by the congressional budget office to add trillions to the deficit over time, making it clear democrats should not negotiate with them unless they don't repeal obamacare. >> if the republican ideas are actually bad for people, they're bad for the economy. they're bad for small businesses. they have bad ideas. >> at one point the president told lawmakers that he envied them that they'll still be on the field for obamacare and he'll be a private sicitizen. the white house agreed, don't expect to hear from obama repeatedly on this after he leaves office. he intends to step back and it's time for others to take the lead. what the white house wants to project right now is confidence. they keep saying they feel democrats will win on this, based on the numbers of americans who are enjoying the benefits of obamacare. but as we know, efforts to repeal it have already started. there was a vote in the senate
1:35 pm
today, and mike pence is saying then president trump will take executive action literally on day one, jim. >> michelle at the white house, thanks very much. so, will president obama be able to save his signature legislation and protect some of his legacy? we asked one of his former senior advisors. that's next. that's why verizon has the best deals of the year on the best network. like a free smartphone when you add a line or switch. no trade-in required. choose from the samsung galaxy j3, the lg k8 or stylo, or the the motoz play. all free. and as if you needed another reason, switch to verizon now and get up to $650 to cover your costs. there's still time to get exactly what you want at verizon.
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welcome back. president obama leaves office two weeks from today. he's trying to protect as much of his legacy as he can ahead of the incoming trump administration. today his focus was on his signature legislation, obamacare. cnn senior political commentator david axle rod joins me now. david, thanks so much for being here. we saw president-elect trump tweet a word of warning to his own party who are working on
1:40 pm
repealing obamacare. i'll quote it here. republicans must be careful in that the dems own the failed obamacare disaster with its poor coverage and massive premium increases. is the message there for republicans not to repeal now, but in effect, let it die on its own? >> well, it's hard to say. there's not a lot of nuance in these tweets so you have to tease out, you have to tease out meaning. but i suspect he was reacting to the president's visit to the hill today and i think what he was saying, and he's right, is that this is fraught with political peril because they're going to be by repealing this taking away coverage. this law has cut uninsured americans in half by percentage since it took place. but it also has made it possible for people with preexisting conditions to get covered, kids under 26 to stay on their parents' insurance. it's eliminated lifetime caps for everyone who has insurance including people who have
1:41 pm
employer covered insurance. there are a lot of benefits here that are at risk so there's great political peril associated with this. and the fact is, jim, that the republican party has been -- it has been good politics for them. they've been voting repeal bills for years and years, the president has been vetoing them. they haven't surfaced a plausible plan to replace the law and keep all those benefits in place. and unless and until they do, this is a politically fraught move on their part. >> let's be honest. obamacare has fallen short on many of the promises president obama himself made, and that's in the numbers right there, premium increases, et cetera. is there a way for republicans to keep it so you don't take away a new benefit from 20 million people, but then claim to have fixed it in some way? >> i think that there are elements of this that are even more important than the 20 million. everybody is focused on the 20
1:42 pm
million. but the prohibition against banning people with preexisting conditions from getting insurance, the provision that has kids under 26 on their eligible for their parents insurance, the ban on lifetime caps, those things are fundamental and they apply broadly. and to take those away have great -- has great political risk. the 20 million alone is problematical. interestinglily, you have mike pence who accepted the expansion of medicaid in his state and 400,000 more hoosiers have insurance today because of this law. so, this is difficult. and, you know, i remember, jim, when i was working for the president in those years when obamacare was passed. and i remember an ally of his who supported the law coming to me and saying, look, this is the right thing to do, but understand everything that happens in the health care system from here on, you own.
1:43 pm
that's going to be true of the republican party if they move forward on this or do it in a reckless fashion. >> let me ask you this. cnn's own reporting that president obama was fired up in his congressional meeting with democrats today as he works to defend his legacy. i wonder from a practical standpoint, does the outgoing president have any actual political muscle here to defend that legacy? >> i don't think it's political muscle. i think these were exhortations based on shared values with members of that caucus. and he wants to give them some guidance as to how to proceed. and i should say, jim, knowing him pretty well, there's no doubt there is a legacy piece of this and everyone's focused on that. he really believes in this. he knows that the law has cut the growth in health care spending dramatically. it was just a new report that said health care spending from 2014 to 2019 will be estimates
1:44 pm
largely because of delivery reforms within this law. he believes in this law. it's not just about having a trophy to leave with. he believes that this was a necessary reform and without it the health care system would have imploded. and if it's taken away, it very well could. that's what he believes, and i think he went in there in that spirit to try and steel the spines of members of that caucus to fight this fight. >> david axle rod in chicago, thanks very much. >> good to see you. >> please be sure to tune in to cnn this monday for a special town hall with vermont senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders. new days chris cuomo, members of a live audience will ask the former candidate questions. jake tapper with house speaker paul ryan only on cnn of course starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. entries from the jail house journal of a convicted killer dylann roof. what he wrote weeks after the charleston church shooting. that's next. then did tesla just meet its
1:45 pm
match? a new electric car that claims to go from 0 to 60 in 2.39 seconds. makes its big debut. did it fly or flop?
1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
we are back now with the national lead and it's truly a sobering story. the first public words from the racist killer behind the charleston church massacre, self proclaimed white supremacist dylann roof is representing himself as the sentencing phase of had i trial begins in court. this morning he told jurors the following. there is nothing wrong with me psychologically. and then he rambled about his mental status and being misrepresented by his lawyers. roof was convicted of killing church pastor clement, parishioners, cynthia hurd, reverend dee pain middleton, sanders, simmons senior, and thompson. as roof spoke today, some court observers, they walked out calling his remarks, and i'm quoting here, all crap. cnn's martin savage was in that courtroom, he joins me live now in charleston, south carolina. martin, tell us what it was like
1:50 pm
inside that courtroom and this court diary, rather jail diary, i suppose, that was revealed today. >> reporter: right. well, let's start with that. one thing we have known is that dylann roof has been a prolific writer. he had a manifesto, a journal written inside his car when he was captured. now it turns out it was only revealed today by the prosecution that dylann roof also kept a jail house journal. it was discovered by authorities, they say, six weeks after he had been captured. and if you had thought that during that time while behind bars and after all of the horrific deaths which he's now been accused he had a come to jesus moment or maybe reflected upon it and began to have some remorse, absolutely not, according to the prosecution. let me just read you two excerpts from it. one begins, "i do not regret what i did --" let me preface that. he started by saying, let me be crystal clear, i do not regret what i did. i am not sorry, i have not shed a tear for the innocent people i
1:51 pm
killed. he went on. i have shed a tear of self-pity for myself. i feel pity that i had to do what i did in the first place. i feel pity that i had to give up my life because of a situation that should never have existed. again, the words of dylann roof as he wrote them in a jail house journal, and it was read by the prosecution. you could hear in the area where family members and victims' family members were disgust and groans. >> we were showing the video there of him calmly walking in and out of that church before and after committing those murders. today him walking up to that podium, that wasn't expected, not even the security officers? >> well, here's the way it went. it's extraordinary. i mean, here you have a man who is a self-admitted racist mass murderer. he's been convicted now. he is confronting and speaking to that same jury that convicted
1:52 pm
him. and in the audience, of course, are survivors, and there are also victims' family members. all of this crowded into one courtroom, and he gets up, defending himself, speaks in his own words for the first time. and he -- well, you just don't know what he's going to do essentially. though the judge had spoken to him before the jury came in, and they had set down some ground rules of what he could and could not do, you're talking about a man whose mental competency has been questioned twice. so, no doubt there were a lot of people wondering what will he do, what will he say. turns out what he said was rather matter of fact, basically don't believe it, i'm not crazy. >> had to be chilling to watch. martin savage, thanks very much. it sounds like something out of the jet sons, a home robot that can watch your pets, play music, do math and give you recipes. it's just one of the cool new gadgets at the consumer electronics show. samuel burke is live in las vegas with more. samuel? >> reporter: jim, a lot of people think that wearable tech
1:53 pm
simply went out of fashion, was never useful. but this device might actually improve your breathing. we've got all the details coming up from the largest tech show on earth in just a few seconds. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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we're back now with our money lead, a glimpse into the future. at least when it comes to technology. the world's latest greatest sometimes weird est tech gadgets are being showcased at the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas. among thousands of products making their world debut, what is making the biggest buzz among techies? samuel burke is luckily at the las vegas convention center. one of the headlines is a flashy new electric car that's gunning for tesla? >> reporter: that's right. i'll get to that in just one second, jim. since we went to the break talking about this, we've heard so much about wearable technology and then it seemed to disappear. here's one that's actually an
1:58 pm
air filter. we see many times people in asian countries, mexico city with those air filters. now you can have a fashionable mask that will only set you back $150 for this techy scarf. but that mysterious company fair-a-day future has stolen the headlines. competitor to tesla, born in america this company, but it's from a chinese billionaire pouring money into it. they've been all talk and no walk until now they finally revealed their flagship electric car. goes from 0 to 60 miles an hour in just 2.39 seconds. of course, the range is the most important part of an electric car. it goes about 380 miles in just one charge, jim. but interesting, when it came to the big moment when the billionaire came out in this car, they had it -- supposed to go just a few feet forward autonomously and it couldn't do that. so, jim, i think there are still some big question marks over this question especially about its financials. at the end of the day it looks like you and i are still needed
1:59 pm
behind the wheels of these cars. >> that must have been an embarrassing moment. how about a-i, artificial intelligence in the home? >> i think a lot of companies now are trying to follow-up with the amazon echo. you know this is the speaker that has had amazing success for amazon. you just talk to it, if it's in your living room or your kitchen, and it speaks to you. and now all these robots from lg are trying to copy that. though these go throughout your house. so, if it follows you into the bedroom, you might be able to play your favorite marvin gay song. if it follows you into the kitchen, you might say how do i cook, how do i boil an egg. talking robots with real artificial intelligence that can understand you and adapt to you, seem to be the future though they're not saying just how much they'll cost yet or when they're going to be on the market. but here's the place where amazon is leading the way out in front of apple, google, and so many other tech companies. >> samuel burke in las vegas, thanks very much. thanks for watching tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook and on at which timer at jim scu
2:00 pm
ito, and the show, the lead cnn. that's it. all week for jake tapper. i turn you over now to wolf blitzer he is, as you expect him to be, in the situation room. >> happening now, doubter in chief, donald trump takes to twitter to cast doubt on the u.s. intelligence community's findings about russian cyber attacks during the presidential election and falsely suggests the intelligence community put off an upcoming briefing. trump also tweets praise for wikileaks julian assange. tonight we have new details on how the u.s. intelligence professionals are reacting to their new commander in chief. sick again, president obama come to capitol hill to plot strategy without numbered democrats who say republicans want to make america "sick again" by repealing obamacare. president's advice, start calling theep